We’re Equimotion

The use of pre-event, maintenance and post-event massage is now a universally accepted method of improving the general health, longevity and performance of our equine athletes. Krista of EquiMotion Performance, LLC, offers not only professional equine and canine massage and alternative therapies, but she is also licensed as a medical massage practitioner and is able to work on people too!

Massage & Bodywork

Using various techniques, massage provides a multitude of health benefits for you and your animal both from a behavioral standpoint and physical.

Bemer Therapy

Bemer devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to develop a signal designed to increase blood circulation and stimulate muscles to improve and facilitate performance.


Equi-Taping refers to the technique of applying tape which aids in recovery time, circulation, reducing fatigue, structural support, toxin removal and decreasing inflammation and swelling associated with pain.